Café Lars Nørgård

Café art is normally associated with imaginative art, that decorates the walls on the towns bars in an attempt to help the small talk over coffee. New life has been given to the expression, ”Café Art”, as the administrators for the Danish Museum of Art (Statens Museum for Kunst) has co-operated with the successful Danish artist Lars Norgaard (Born 1956).

Café Lars Norgaard was opened in February 2001 and tells a wonderful story about a beneficial collaboration between artist and café. In this noise reduced space with new plastered walls, you find a white table cloth on each table covered by a white paper table cloth decoratedwith around 40 different small humourous line drawings by Lars Norgaard. To study these drawings does not just kill the waiting time but makes the waiting fun in itself. The art is on the menu and also on the walls, with a total of 9 large motifs.

Lars Norgaard’s logo is printed on the staff T-shirts and the café is selling posters, post cards and books with his art. You can even buy a puzzle for your childrens puzzle with one of his most famous paintings called Poetry of Jutland (Jysk Poesi). The restaurant owner, Frank Lants, said about the café concept, ”Many have tried to get an artist to decorate a café, but rarely has it been done with everything thought through from A to Z”. ”We have simply tried to take the concept to the extreme!”