RYTMEOGRO/Rhythm & Silence

ARKEN Museum of Modern Art Group Show Works from the Collection of the Museum www.arken.dk        

Meet Me Under The Table

Acrylic and oil on canvas, 2020 Acquired by Den Danske Forskningsfond Galleri DGV, 202o  


Horsens Kunstmuseum www.horsenskunstmuseum.dk kunstmuseum@horsens.dk


The Polite Force, 2020 Sønderjysk Forsikring IMPERIAL, Galleri DGV www.galleri-dgv.dk Lise Lotte Honoré dgv@galleri-dgv.dk Caroline Ritsing cr@galleri-dgv.dk  

Ny Carlsbergfondet Årsblad 2019


Happy to announce that "Roundabout" will be included in the collection of Horsens Art Museum


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